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Top 5 Frankfurt Attractions to Explore on Your Next Vacation


With Main River running through the city, Frankfurt’s skyline is the first thing that grabs your attention. The city offers a plethora of attractions that keep visitors busy during their trip. So, make Oman Air reservations and fly to Frankfurt for your next vacation. While you’re there, stop over at the spots mentioned below.

5. The Palm Garden

Opened in 1871, the Palm Garden is the largest botanic garden in Germany. Spanning over an area of about 54 acres, the park features numerous greenhouses with several species of tropical and sub-tropical plants. It also has outdoor exhibits with bright cheery flowers and manicured lawns. The plants found in the Palm Garden have been accumulated from all across the world. Hop on an EgyptAir flight, fly to Frankfurt and say hello to the pride of the city.

4. The Römerberg: Frankfurt’s Old Town Center

The architecture of the structures of Römerberg is proof of the magnificence of the bygone era of Germany. Steeped in history, this beautiful place offers a variety of things to do & see and is a must visit place for any traveler. This public square emanates a special charm after sun down when the place is lit up with street lights. It creates a perfect setting for that picture perfect photograph. The place comes alive at Christmas time when the Frankfurt Christmas Market pops up at this location.

3. Senckenberg Natural History Museum

An absolute hit amongst travelers visiting Frankfurt with family, the Senckenberg Natural History Museum is one place that you can’t afford to miss. Famous for its collection of dinosaur fossils, the museum holds the record of having the biggest exhibit of large dinosaurs in Europe. This fascinating museum also houses the world’s largest collection of stuffed birds! For your next vacation, check out some Business Class Group Travel deals, take your family to Frankfurt and have a ball at this museum.

2. Museum für Moderne Kunst

Inaugurated in 1991, the Museum of Modern Art is a not-to-be-missed place for all art aficionados. The structure that houses the museum is seen as a piece of art in itself. Built in post-modern architectural style, due to the triangular shape of the building, it is often referred to as a “piece of cake.” When it comes to contemporary art, it is counted amongst one of the most important galleries in all of Europe.

1. St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, built in Gothic architectural style, is the biggest religious structure in Frankfurt. This red sandstone building is an important part of history as a number of coronations took place within its tall walls. The most valued relic of this cathedral is the skullcap of St. Bartholomew. One can’t help but feel serene and one with God while walking through this cathedral. So, take an Oman Air flight to Frankfurt and have a rejuvenating trip.

Now that you know which places to go make Egypt Air reservations and give a good start to a great vacation.


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Top 5 Frankfurt Attractions to Explore on Your Next Vacation

With Main River running through the city, Frankfurt’s skyline is the first thing that grabs your attention. The city offers a plethora of attractions...

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