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What Are The Perfect Drinks For The Perfect Dates?


Dates are often a very nervy affair. Making sure that you pick the right place, the right environment that both of you will enjoy, can be a nightmare. Although it’s not the case for everyone, alcohol is a great aphrodisiac on a date. It can help you relax, making the date run smoothly. But choosing that right drink, can sometimes be as much of a nightmare as picking the right date. Beer breath for a fine dining dinner date, don’t go together, but wine and a home meal can be a perfect fit. So, which drinks are right, for the right date?

Cocktails – Just right for a first date

Although they can be expensive, they are always a first date winner. Fun, tasty and strong. Seeing a cool cocktail getting mixed can be a really fun experience as it’s not often you get to see drinks finished off with a blow torch. Usually cocktail bars have a really nice vibe as well, not too quiet or loud.

Bottle of wine – Meal for two at home

A romantic meat at home can actually be a huge date. Cooking the right meal is stressful enough, it’s essential to pick something you both like, whilst also cooking a meal you know you can do. As well as getting the meal spot on, getting the right drink is essential. For most guys, beer is the right way forward, however, wine has always been considered to be a girl’s best friend, so a nice red or white, depending on the meal, should be a winner. A bit of research is all it takes, a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc work with white meat, whereas Merlot or Chiraz go with red meat. Just don’t go for the cheapest!

Spirit and Mixer – Party

Drinking at a party can be an alcohol minefield. It’s key not to go overboard with the alcohol consumption as you can sometimes end up embarrassing yourself. But having something both of you enjoy is what will make the party work. Going with a spirit tends to work best at parties, you can both drink the same amount, as well as keep a track on which bottle is yours. Plus if you show up with a cool spirit it can be a great talking point!

Champagne – Special occasion

Usually very expensive, but if it’s for a special occasion why not push the boat out? A good bottle of Prosecco can work just as well, but if you’re heading out to a great restaurant, why not loosen the purse strings and get the best drink? It shows just how much you care and should get you great brownie points. Plus, it’s really tasty.

You don’t always need to drink alcohol when it comes to date night. Some people don’t like it and it’s not for them. But for these kind of dates, surely these beverages are the best way to go.


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What Are The Perfect Drinks For The Perfect Dates?

Dates are often a very nervy affair. Making sure that you pick the right place, the right environment that both of you will enjoy,...